Affären Svalsjö with Per´s Mechanical Cabinet

Anna and Per Helldorff have a lovely view of Lake Ören and a gravel courtyard, Per’s mechanical cabinet and an unrenovated/well preserved, i.e. shabby chic, country store. Bult in 1895 and closed in 1968.

In the summer delicious cardamom buns are served in the café. The shop offers Anna´s quirky pictures, drawings, trays, towels, cards, illustrated books and Per´s exciting wooden items and a little more. The history of a country store and newly published novels are for sale.

During the summer months we organize exhibitions, classes and workshops, theme days, talks and presentations as well as hikes. Concerts and the annual folkmusic festival Svalsjö Folk are well attended.

In July we take part in two different Food Safaris, that is when you go by car and visit restaurants in the beautiful landscape and have a starter, a main course and a dessert.


Please find information about current activities here on the left.

We welcome individual visitors as well as larger groups by bus.

How to get here, please see map. Tip…between Kisa and Malexander in Southern Östergötland.

Per’s Mechanical Cabinet

Per’s mechanical cabinet is a room full of wooden objects that move and perform short scenes when you turn a crank. Gears, levers, rocker boards etc.

We guarantee big laughs and quiet smiles. Come and watch the mechanical goat, the handcranked home cinema, the combined frog&book case and Frank Sinatra with his hat etc.

All objects are invented and crafted by Per Helldorff with inspiration from the Swedish inventor Christopher Polhem (1661-1751) and from the children’s books character Gubben Pettson.

You walk around the Cabinet by yourself but you may prefer to join one of Per’s guided tours, in July on Tuesdays and in August on the first two Tuesdays.


Adults SEK 50 Children from 5 years SEK 40

Guided tours SEK 70 Children from 5 years SEK 40

It’s also possible to book a guided group tour at

SEK 70/per person


Welcome to Svalsjö

Opening hours:

We open on Mother´s Day (in Sweden last Sunday of May.)

June: Saturday, Sunday 11 am - 5 pm

July, August Tuesday - Sunday 11am - 5pm

First weekend of September.

Contact us:

Anna +4676195670



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