The Shop in Svalsjö and Per's Mechanical Cabinet .- Wood and Art studio. Per and Anna Helldorff       


The Shop in Svalsjö and Per's Mechanical Cabinet.

Wood and Art studio.


In an old preserved country shop Per and Anna Helldorff exhibit faschinating wooden art, pictures, art postcards, handcrafts,

Per's Mechanical Cabinet and a history of the shop. Cafe', with typical swedish "fika".

Per's Mechanichal Cabinet. Admittance SEK 40

Picture a room full of wind-up wooden model  that enact little scenes for you. Cogs, levers, seesaw and more - we quarantee

smiles and laughter. Don't miss the Mechanical Goat, the Handcranked HomeCinema and the Frog&Bookcabinet.

The Shop and Cabinet is open from the last sunday o May - first weekend in september. 11-17 a Clock.

June: Satur-Sundays

July-August: Tues-Sunday. Monday closed.






Anna Helldorff - illustratör

Per Helldorff - konsthantverkare i trä